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Please read below:

Please fill in your name and account number (found on your water bill below bar code). If you are not a customer of Lavalette PSD then click the NON-CUSTOMER link and fill in your Name, City and State.

The signup link is below the following information.

Your individual email address will be recorded in our database. Only one address per email is allowed. You do not need to be a customer of Lavalette PSD to participate in this program. We realize that friends, family, loved ones, businesses all might share a concern and may wish to be notified as well.

In the event of an emergency, Lavalette PSD will do everything to inform and alert the participants enrolled in this system using email and/or text messaging.

Email is sent using the SMTP Protocol and is not a guaranteed connection oriented protocol. This means that email messages, although highly reliable, are simply sent to a recipient without any guarantee of delivery or receipt. By participating in this program I understand that I will not hold Lavalette PSD liable for any reasons related to the notification of Public Emergencies via this system.

By sending this email, I willfully submit my email address to be included in the Lavalette Public Service District Alert Database which will not be used for any purposes other than to inform each participant personally with a message describing the alert, any conditions and instructions pertinent to the situation.

Lavalette PSD will make every attempt to notify participants when an Emergency situation exists or All Clear – Situation Normal status has returned. I understand that it is my responsibility to call the Lavalette PSD and/or check with the website for any other notices, bulletins, alerts, or instructions.

The office telephone is: (304) 525-3771
(24-hour emergency service after hours.)

This system is meant to aid the dissemination of information pertinent to the public water supply and is only an additional means of information and helpful instructions and by no means to be replaced by any State, County, Local, or Official Notifications from Authoritative Agencies.

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Click here to send an email if you are having trouble.

Should you have any problems or concerns using this system, please contact our offices for further help or assistance. 

You may also request to be added to the Alert Database by sending an email to: [email protected]

Please include your name and account number which can be found on our water bill below the bar code. For Non-Customers, please include your name, city, and state.

Only one address per email, and must be sent from your personal email account.

If you wish to be notified via Text Messaging, you will need to send a text message to email: [email protected]

You will need to have the text messaging service provided to you by your cell phone company. Check with your cell phone provider for more information on text messaging.