Since the events on September 11, 2001, we live in a new world that is now concerned about security and threats to the utilities you depend on every day. At Lavalette Public Service District, we take that responsibility very seriously and work each day to make sure the water supply to your home or business is the best and safest it can be. To accomplish that goal, the Lavalette Public Service has adopted and enforces a “Zero-Tolerance Policy” for vandalism, contamination, violence, and/or threats of any kind to employees, the water system, meters, valves, tanks pumps, vehicles & equipment, and buildings. We never know the intent of those who would commit acts against employees and facilities so the safe course of action is a “Zero-Tolerance Policy”.

We received frequent updates from the State and Federal Government about current threats and are advised to enforce security in and around our facilities. We are very, very diligent in keeping your water supply safe.

It has been our experience in the past that most threats and vandalism come from disgruntled customers, not a terrorist or those wishing to harm our citizens. The results can, however, be the same if our water system security is compromised by an act of vandalism. Please be on notice that if you are one who chooses to vandalize, steal, threaten, contaminate or create the possibility of contamination, you will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of State and Federal Law.
The vast majority of our customers are people who are concerned about safety and security and it is for those who have taken this stand and have adopted our “Zero-Tolerance Policy”.

Thank you,
The Board, Management, and Employees of Lavalette Public Service District